House of Dreams

A compelling tale of unraveling truths, second chances, and the enduring courage to follow your heart

Julia Turner's life as a successful designer in San Francisco takes a dramatic turn when her father's ill health calls her back to her hometown of Harbor Cove. There, amid the enchanting aroma of pastries from the Upper Crust Bakery, and the whispering cedar forests, her heart's deepest yearnings meet the harsh light of reality. Lives intertwine, destinies collide, and she is forced to confront the illusions of her former life. In the shadow of her once longed for house of dreams, Julia grapples with her shifting reality.

Cliff, the loyal caretaker of the coastal estate, remains bound by his unwavering promise to his lost love, Holly. The unexpected return of Holly’s sons, Matt and Tom, sets off a chain of events that reignites their painful past as the brothers clash over the once-beloved mansion's fate.

As a poignant tapestry of memories and hidden truths emerge, Julia begins to wonder if her true happiness might lie in the very place she once fled. Ultimately, the novel delves deep into the longings of the heart, weight of secrets, power of dreams, and the surprising paths that can lead you home.

Summer of Second Chances

The blossom of first love meets the golden ember of last love in this heartwarming novel of hope and second chances

Shelby, at sweet sixteen, finds herself without friends, a place to call home, and still waiting for her first kiss. At the mercy of yet another move, she’s left to spend the summer with her grandmother at Moonwater Lake. Theo, a widowed, elderly man in town suggests she start a dog-walking business. Sometimes all it takes is one bright idea and an abundance of dogs to bond two unlikely friends and show them that dreams can still come true.

Theo is grieving the precious memories of his fifty-year marriage. If not for his aging beagle, Wally, he wouldn’t have a reason to get out of bed in the morning, much less go for walks. Theo is pleasantly surprised by his awakened feelings of hope, after crossing paths
with Shelby and her grandmother.

It’s turning out to be a summer of many things; a summer of healing and starting over. A summer of friendship and unconditional love that will remind Shelby, Theo, and the town of Moonwater Lake that it’s never too late for second chances.

Madrona Island B & B

Short Novella Prequel
The heartwarming yet bittersweet prequel to the Amazon bestseller, The Guestbook

Grandma Maggie has been running the Madrona Island B&B for many years.

But when she finds out her time is short, she decides to make her final months the best they can be. Maggie begins putting together a last weekend at the bed and breakfast with all of her favorite guests; a weekend she hopes they will never forget. Together with her late-in-life love, Grandpa John, Maggie sets out to rediscover the beauty of the place she’s called home for so long, alongside the people who have meant so much. Join your favorite Madrona Island characters in a prequel that’s filled with food, love, and the celebration of family and friends.

The Guestbook

Available in audio-book format as well

The Guestbook

Everyone remembers their first love, but sometimes it’s the second love that lasts…

The Guestbook weaves together the heart of Nicholas Sparks’ books, the romance of Nora Robert’s work, and the charm of Debbie Macomber. Fleeing her picture-perfect life among the privileged set and the wreckage of a failed marriage, Lily Parkins moves to the only place that still holds happy memories: her grandmother’s farmhouse, now a converted B&B on the enchanting Madrona Island.

“Engaging and highly enjoyable! The Guestbook is a delightful tale of second chance romance. The characters are very likable and well drawn. Readers will find themselves cheering for Lily as she rediscovers herself, and the delicious recipes her grandmother left behind. Hurst’s portrayal of this charming community made me want to book a vacation at the Madrona Island Bed and Breakfast.” ~Bette Lee Crosby, award-winning author of the Memory House Series

Tea and Comfort

Available in audio-book format as well

Tea & Comfort

Fear made her run – A second chance at love made her stay

"Evocative and heartfelt, The Guestbook series is the profound story of each woman's journey toward hope, renewal and a second chance at love on a lush Pacific Northwest island. Curl up with your favorite cup of cocoa and enjoy." ~Anjali Banerjee - author of Imaginary Men and Haunting Jasmine

After receiving life-changing news, Kyla Nolan ran away from her life as a top model in New York and left her fiancé, Luke Bradford, behind. Now, almost two years later, Kyla has a rebuilt her life as the successful owner of Tea & Comfort on Madrona Island. She lives in a cozy home behind her tea shop, has great friends, and a community where she belongs. But Kyla’s life is thrown off balance when Luke moves to the island.

Island Thyme Cafe

When her estranged daughter visits Madrona Island for the summer, Jude Simon, owner of the popular Island Thyme Café, is forced to face the dark secrets from her past. Years ago, she found out about her husband’s infidelity from an article in the local paper. Left a single mother of an infant daughter, Jude went on to make a success of her café, but still hides a broken heart behind her radiant smile. Now, Jude finds herself falling hard for her new chef, Ryan Folger. Her feelings are returned, and Jude is finally able to envision her own happily ever after. However, when the cast and crew of an upcoming movie come to town to film Murder Most Magic, Ryan’s own dark secrets return in the form of a seductive ex-lover determined to have him back.

This holiday season, come enjoy the most wonderful time of year with the residents of Madrona Island in this heartwarming novella from the Amazon Bestselling author of The Guestbook.

Christmas on Madrona Island

Christmas on Madrona Island

Short Novella
With challenges mounting, will the true meaning of Christmas prevail and make this the merriest season of all?

Christmas time has arrived on Madrona Island and the three best friends, Lily, Kyla, and Jude, are navigating the joyful chaos of the season. They have supported each other through difficult and happy times over the years, and now hope for the best holiday season ever.

With a Christmas baby on the way, and now confined to her bed, Kyla is hoping that her pregnancy goes without a hitch. Meanwhile, Jude is juggling raising her rambunctious toddler all while managing Island Thyme Café; and at the height of her B&B’s seasonal rush, Lily is faced with a last minute change that could threaten to derail all of their holiday plans.

Madrona Island Boxset

The bestselling MADRONA ISLAND SERIES weaves together the heart of Nicholas Sparks, the romance of Nora Roberts, and the charm of Debbie Macomber. Enjoy this heartwarming series in a boxset!

Always With You

Available in audio-book format as well

Always With You

1977 is a glorious time to be alive in the beautiful wine country of Northern California, and Cathy has everything she thought she wanted – from a thriving health food café to loyal friends

"Always with You is the bittersweet and poignant love story of a woman trapped between temptation and the ties that bind." ~Tracey Garvis Graves, New York Times bestselling author of On the Island and Covet.

Since the devastating failure of her short-lived marriage, Cathy has buried herself in her work and kept men at arm’s length. But when an old high school friend, Pam, brings her family for a short stay, Cathy’s stone walls begin to crumble when she meets Jamie. Jamie, whose compassion and warmth slowly break down her defenses. Jamie, whose devotion to his four-year-old daughter melts Cathy’s heart and makes her desperate for a family of her own. Jamie… who is married to Pam.